Our homeware collections, whether old or new, are chosen for their simplicity and ability to foster calm and considered spaces.  Inspired to offer simple, functional pieces that can enhance our lives, and sit beautifully and quietly in our homes, our handmade ceramics embody this ethos.  Made from stoneware and finished in a warm white matte glaze with raw clay edge, each piece is rustic yet classic.  The durability of stoneware means it is strong enough to be used every day and the simplicity of colour and design makes the tableware perfect for a range of table settings, making any meal feel special.  Made in small batches, in stark contrast to the uniformity of mass production, each piece captures small traces of the hand-making process for a strikingly beautiful, tactile look and feel.


Setting the table whether entertaining or not, is a good way to enjoy and enhance simple moments at home.  Using thoughtful pieces such as handmade or vintage tableware, full of texture and warmth, creates atmosphere and encourages us to savour our food and the company around the table, affording a sense of permission to linger for longer. 


We hope this journal entry will inspire an appreciation of  simple and beautiful moments at home.

Images show our: handmade ceramic bowl, handmade ceramic dinner plate, handmade ceramic side plate, handmade ceramic utensil holder, rattan trivet, handmade ceramic mug, handmade stoneware candle holderset of six dinner candles, all available in our store.

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