Spring is a rejuvenating season and the perfect time to refresh our homes.  Taking time to clean, declutter and re-organise is a good way to breathe new life into our space for the season ahead and beyond.  Home plays an important part in how we feel and function so investing time and care in our home is s a good way to ensure it supports and nurtures us.

Creating a calm and considered home

  • Begin by writing a list of tasks to do focussing on one room at a time to make the work less overwhelming and more manageable.
  • Start small, working through each room in turn getting intentional about the things you own, clearing clutter, simplifying and deciding what can be recycled or reused.
  • Create simple systems to organise and manage items you want to keep.  Baskets are a simple and versatile solution which can provide practical storage across the home.
  • Consider investing in plastic free cleaning tools such as brushes and cloths and natural cleaning products.  These sustainable solutions will also make tasks more enjoyable.
  • Compile a playlist or listen to podcasts, having something playing in the background can help to motivate and elevate your mood whilst working.
  • Let the new season in to your home by utilising nature; adding seasonal flowers, foliage or sculptural branches to favourite pots and vases to freshen up the space.
  • Set simple boundaries such as one in, one out, to manage what comes into your home thoughtfully and help maintain organisation and efficiency.
  • Take a considered approach to purchasing new items, invest in quality, buying less but better pieces that will endure and give your home time to evolve naturally.

We exist in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.  A well organised home, free of clutter can adapt with our changing needs, make our environment feel calmer and enhance our lives everyday.  We hope this journal story inspires you to refresh and reset your home for spring and beyond.


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