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The bathroom is a sanctuary within our home where we can slow down, ease tension and restore our equilibrium.  Taking time to create rituals and savour small moments  helps to create a sense of structure as well as opportunities for self-care.  Regardless of size or layout, a bathroom should be a beautiful space that inspires and nurtures as well as being functional. Soft tones, muted colours and natural materials can help a bathroom feel calm and minimal whilst exuding warmth and comfort.


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Create a serene and restorative bathroom with our: reclaimed bath board, ceramic soap dish, natural soap, wooden bath brush, nail brush, draw string bags, tea light holder, candle holder,  handwoven baskets and antique pottery vessels from our store.

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With the start of Spring and longer, warmer days ahead, thoughts turn to the outdoors and embracing a new season at home.  Spring gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to create a beautiful table and share a special meal with family and friends.  Creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere at home is just as important as the food being served.  When it comes to gatherings, keeping everything simple and thoughtfully executed, from the menu to the table is key.

Creating a simple spring table:

  • Lay the table with the season in mind, incorporating interesting textures and tones, mixing old and new pieces.
  • Start with a simple runner or table cloth to dress the table or leave bare for a more natural look.
  • Incorporate natural seasonal touches such as branches or blossom to bring the spring table scape to life.  Use a single centre piece or add multiple vessels along the table.
  • Create simple place settings, adding favourite tableware; ceramics, glassware, cutlery and napkins to add texture and tonal variation.
  • Personalise each place setting with a small name tag, sprig of foliage or include simple eggs for Easter.
  • Add candles, whether simple tealights or dinner candles to add ambience for a beautiful and welcoming table.
  • Integrate music to engage the senses and create atmosphere.

Dressing a table makes any meal or gathering feel special and is a simple way to bring beauty in to our home and cultivate a sense of joy.  Investing in quality, timeless pieces that will last is a good way to ensure things have longevity.



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Find the: handmade ceramic bowl, handmade ceramic dinner plate, handmade ceramic side plate, handmade ceramic utensil holder, rattan trivet, classic French table glasses, handmade stoneware candle holder and set of six dinner candles, in our store.

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We believe that creating beautiful and meaningful spaces at home can nourish, uplift and enhance how we feel and function everyday and we seek to design and source considered pieces that align with this belief.  Our reclaimed bath board which is hand crafted from locally sourced, salvaged wooden boards is a favourite piece from our collection which perfectly resonates with this notion.  Uniting function, ritual and aesthetic, it offers a simple way to compose a beautiful bathroom vignette as well as a useful surface to organise bathing essentials for a slow and rejuvenating experience.  The perfect way to unwind and reset.

Surrounding ourselves with natural materials is a way to achieve a balanced and peaceful atmosphere in our home.  Not only do natural materials root us back to our senses, they exude character and warmth.  Living with wood is a way to be close to nature, it brings a tactile comfort to every day rituals and gives a home a sense of soul so often lacking in this age of mass production.  Re-using old timber, ensures our boards are sustainable and will live on, transformed in to new functional pieces.



As a way of opening a window in to our business and process, we are sharing a little behind the scenes of the story of how our unique bath boards are created…

Starting in our old wood shed at home, each piece of wood is selected and taken to our workshop next door.  Here it is measured, cut, sanded, drilled and assembled by hand with care and attention to detail. The unique nature of the wood means that every bath board is different, each with it’s own character and hand-finished quality that will endure.



Once complete the finished bath boards are taken to our studio above the workshop where they are carefully wrapped and packaged before being dispatched.  Our bath boards have been shipped all over the world alongside other pieces from our store and we like to imagine the new homes and stories unfolding around each and every one as it leaves our studio in the English countryside.



We hope you found inspiration here to create beautiful and considered spaces to enhance how you feel and to help you tell your story of home.

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Spring is a rejuvenating season and the perfect time to refresh our homes.  Taking time to clean, declutter and re-organise is a good way to breathe new life into our space for the season ahead and beyond.  Home plays an important part in how we feel and function so investing time and care in our home is s a good way to ensure it supports and nurtures us.

Creating a calm and considered home

  • Begin by writing a list of tasks to do focussing on one room at a time to make the work less overwhelming and more manageable.
  • Start small, working through each room in turn getting intentional about the things you own, clearing clutter, simplifying and deciding what can be recycled or reused.
  • Create simple systems to organise and manage items you want to keep.  Baskets are a simple and versatile solution which can provide practical storage across the home.
  • Consider investing in plastic free cleaning tools such as brushes and cloths and natural cleaning products.  These sustainable solutions will also make tasks more enjoyable.
  • Compile a playlist or listen to podcasts, having something playing in the background can help to motivate and elevate your mood whilst working.
  • Let the new season in to your home by utilising nature; adding seasonal flowers, foliage or sculptural branches to favourite pots and vases to freshen up the space.
  • Set simple boundaries such as one in, one out, to manage what comes into your home thoughtfully and help maintain organisation and efficiency.
  • Take a considered approach to purchasing new items, invest in quality, buying less but better pieces that will endure and give your home time to evolve naturally.

We exist in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.  A well organised home, free of clutter can adapt with our changing needs, make our environment feel calmer and enhance our lives everyday.  We hope this journal story inspires you to refresh and reset your home for spring and beyond.


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Our homeware collections, whether old or new, are chosen for their simplicity and ability to foster calm and considered spaces.  Inspired to offer simple, functional pieces that can enhance our lives, and sit beautifully and quietly in our homes, our handmade ceramics embody this ethos.  Made from stoneware and finished in a warm white matte glaze with raw clay edge, each piece is rustic yet classic.  The durability of stoneware means it is strong enough to be used every day and the simplicity of colour and design makes the tableware perfect for a range of table settings, making any meal feel special.  Made in small batches, in stark contrast to the uniformity of mass production, each piece captures small traces of the hand-making process for a strikingly beautiful, tactile look and feel.


Setting the table whether entertaining or not, is a good way to enjoy and enhance simple moments at home.  Using thoughtful pieces such as handmade or vintage tableware, full of texture and warmth, creates atmosphere and encourages us to savour our food and the company around the table, affording a sense of permission to linger for longer. 


We hope this journal entry will inspire an appreciation of  simple and beautiful moments at home.

Images show our: handmade ceramic bowl, handmade ceramic dinner plate, handmade ceramic side plate, handmade ceramic utensil holder, rattan trivet, handmade ceramic mug, handmade stoneware candle holderset of six dinner candles, all available in our store.

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The importance of home and the value it plays in how we feel and function is widely acknowledged and has been brought into greater prominence by events of recent years.  Home is one of our most personal expressions and should tell our story, nurture and enrich.  Much time is spent considering how our home looks, but how it makes us feel, both emotionally and physically, is of much greater significance.  Amongst the flurry of trends and incessant distractions of the modern world, it can be easy to lose sight of our own thoughts and ideas.  When our homes centre round values and needs, we can develop our own visual voice and create authentic spaces full of meaning and joy.


Creating a meaningful home

  • Begin by thinking about what home means to you, focussing on your values and how you want it to feel.
  • Consider how you want to live in your home and how your space can best facilitate this.
  • Design for flexibility, planning spaces that can be changed as lives and preferences evolve and consider furniture that works across various rooms.
  • Take time to look at what you already have and where necessary, edit, simplify and organise to create space and clarity.
  • Develop your personal narrative and style through visual curation; gathering images, words and objects to create a vision board as the basis for planning.
  • Look to different places for inspiration such as books, museums or the natural world, rather than relying solely on social channels and search engines.
  • Use favourite paintings, textiles or natural objects as a starting point to inform and build spaces through colour palettes, style or textures.
  • Incorporate elements of nature to help bring your home to life and connect with the outside world.
  • Appeal to the senses, considering how your home can engage each sense: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.
  • Balance old with new, reusing and buying vintage where possible, prioritising quality, sustainable materials and classic pieces that will endure.
  • Time and patience are key, plan and furnish your home slowly and mindfully letting each room evolve gradually.


With careful thought and simple changes, any home can become the foundation for a better and more meaningful life.  When homes reflect our values, how we live and want our spaces to feel, and we live alongside beautiful things we can enjoy every day, it changes everything.  If we create our homes with intention, they will have longevity and serve us, giving comfort, pleasure and sanctuary.

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A change of season opens the door to all sorts of possibilities and is the perfect time to refresh the home, embrace rituals and connect to natural cycles.  Seeking beauty and special moments is important in every season and there is much to celebrate in winter.  Crisp mornings, winter walks, cosy times at home and warm comfort food are all gently uplifting.  Creating simple rituals and practices around mornings and evenings such as lighting candles, savouring hot drinks or a warm bath, frame each day and help us stay calm and grounded.


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The home plays a vital role in how we feel and function and creating areas to embrace the season can inspire and nurture.  A coffee table is a good canvas for creating seasonal displays which can be easily updated every few months.  An arrangement of books that allude to the cosiness of the season set the scene for an inviting and relaxing space.  Gathered flowers and foliage celebrate the natural world and create a calming and inviting environment.  Creating a simple bathroom sanctuary with a wooden bath board and beautiful, natural products provides the perfect opportunity for quiet moments to unwind and reset.


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We hope this entry inspires you to greet winter with a renewed perspective and breathe a little new light and life into your home.  You can read our other seasonal posts; winter gatherings and winter flowers here.




Images show our: Recycled wool blanket in natural checkRecycled wool blanket in charcoal herringboneRecycled wool blanket in light grey herringboneRecycled wool blanket in grey checkHandmade Ceramic MugHandmade stoneware candle holderSet of six traditional candlesreclaimed wooden bath board, handmade soap dish, natural soapsnowdrop greetings card, Everyday market basket, and Large handwoven basket, all available in our store. 


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Winter bulbs and blooms are a simple and natural highlight of the season that make our homes feel fresher and brighter in the darker winter months.  Hyacinths, paperwhites narcissus and amaryllis are just a few examples of beautiful winter flowers which bring colour and fragrance into the home when most houseplants are slowing in growth.  Paperwhites are one of the easiest bulbs to grow inside and can be grown indoors from late autumn to early spring.  The paperwhite’s flower and leaves are stored inside the bulb ready to emerge and do not need any additional nutrients or soil.

Follow these simple steps to grow paperwhites:

  • Select a container such as a jar, tureen or bowl and fill half way with small stones or pebbles.
  • Add water to the container so it barely reaches the top of the stones.
  • Place the bulbs on top of the bed of stones with the tips facing up and add moss around the bulbs if desired.
  • Position the container in a bright, warm room and watch for growth.
  • Monitor water levels so the water is always just barely reaching the top of the pebbles.  You do not want the bulbs to sit in water as they can rot.
  • Fragrant blooms of snowy white flowers should appear within four to six weeks of planting.
  • Consider planting a new container every two to three weeks for a continuous display of blooms to enjoy all winter.

Alternatively visit local florists or green grocers for bunches of flowers or forage for dried foliage to create your own winter bouquet.  Oversized branches and twigs can also be gathered and make a great statement piece in a large container for a hall or table. Bringing nature indoors and filling corners of the home with plants and flowers of any variety is a wonderful way to add colour and life during winter time, not only contributing to the look of the room but also changing how it feels to spend time within it.  The correlation between plants and wellbeing has indeed been highlighted through scientific research time and time again.


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The summer season turns our thoughts to the outdoors, to alfresco dining and creating beautiful outside spaces for gatherings large or small. The term al fresco derives from the Italian language and loosely translates to ‘in fresh air.’ Dining alfresco can resemble anything from a simple picnic or barbeque to a beautifully refined tablescape. It can take place in any outdoor setting, from the garden to more elaborate locations further afield. However it unfolds, alfresco dining is an opportunity to gather together in nature and create memorable experiences.



The main reason we enjoy having meals outside is that it’s truly lovely to feel a breeze on our faces, observe trees and plants around us and to make a meal feel just that little bit more special and out of the ordinary.  There is much to be said for a simple picnic, in gathering blankets and a trusty basket and heading outdoors for adventures with family and friends.

Beautiful tablescapes can be created using simple crockery, glassware and linens and by bringing in fresh flowers and candles to add ambience.  We aspire to a more thoughtful way of life and value simple yet useful pieces made to be enjoyed and stand the test of time.

IDEAS | A Simple Alfresco Meal

  • Fresh bread and crackers.
  • A small selection of cheeses and cured meats.
  • Olives and chutney or other pickled preserves.
  • Seasonal fruits such as berries, peaches or cherries.
  • Homemade scones or classic Victoria sponge cake.
  • Chilled elderflower cordial (see recipe below).


RECIPE | Elderflower Cordial

The soft white lacy blooms of elderflowers start emerging from countryside hedges in June.  Gathering fragrant blooms and bringing them in to the home is a wonderful summer ritual.  Small flowers and lemon chunks can also be added to ice-cubes, not only being aesthetically pleasing, but also keeping drinks cool.

Ingredients for 2 litres of cordial

25-30  fresh elderflower blossoms

3 medium to large lemons peeled

1kg white sugar

1.5 litres water 

2-3 large bottles or jars

Gently shake the flowers and cut the stems but avoid washing to retain natural flavours.  Bring the water and sugar to the boil before adding the elderflowers, lemon slices and peel.  Remove from the heat and cover the pan with a lid.  Allow the liquid to infuse for at least twenty four hours in the fridge or cold, dark place, stirring once or twice.  Strain the liquid through a sieve or muslin cloth, bring to the boil and decant in to bottles or jars.  Store the elderflower cordial in the fridge and use within one month.   

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S U M M E R  E D I T

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From top left: handwoven basketgrey herringbone blanket, handmade ceramic bowlceramic side plate, ceramic dinner plate, linen tea towel, natural check blankettable glasses and ceramic utensil holder.

We hope this journal post will inspire simple and memorable alfresco gatherings throughout the summer season.

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Taking time away from the hustle and bustle of the season to gather foliage, berries and seed heads from the garden and hedgerows is a wonderful way to engage with the outside world and bring nature into your home.  Decorating with natural materials does not necessarily require a great deal of effort and need not be expensive.  It can also form part of family traditions to be enjoyed each year in the run up to Christmas.

A swag is a simpler alternative to a wreath and can be displayed inside or outside to bring freshness to a door, mantel or wall during the festive season.  Follow these simple steps to make a decorative festive swag decoration for your home:

  • Gather together different types of fresh foliage foraged from the garden or hedgerows alongside any acquired Christmas tree offcuts.  
  • Trim with garden shears and layer different lengths into a loose bundle, ideally arranging longer pieces on the bottom and shorter ones on top.
  • Secure with garden twine or florists wire and finish with a decorative ribbon.
  • Add accent pieces such as pine cones, baubles or bells to embellish the swag but keep the overall appearance simple and natural.
  • To hang the swag create a hanger out of wire, twine or ribbon.
  • Hang on the front door to welcome guests or display inside to be enjoyed during the festive season and beyond.

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As the colder months draw in and the festive season ensues, many of us look forward to spending more time inside our homes with family and friends.  Gatherings are made memorable by the small touches that make our homes feel special and the food that we share with those that matter the most.  Simple, intentional details spread throughout the home go a long way towards fostering a beautiful and welcoming gathering.

Looking to nature for inspiration and incorporating gathered seasonal flowers and foliage provides natural colour and texture, and adds a touch of the season.  From foliage to flowers, berries to fragrant herbs, plants can be displayed in vases or pots, arranged across the table, shaped into garlands and wreaths or wrapped with twine and velvet ribbon to create simple place settings.  Subtle, natural details give an elegant, festive feel without being overbearing and can be left in place all season.  

The soft glow of candle light imbues a space with warmth and is especially atmospheric in the darker winter months.  Elegant dinner candles, scented candles with evocative wintery scents or simple pillar candles all create a calming ambience and are the mark of a truly cosy gathering.  Integrating music, perhaps a favourite playlist gently playing in the background is another small detail which engages the senses and helps to create a memorable experience.

A limited colour palette creates visual cohesion and the feeling that everything has been put together with care and consideration.  Neutral linens ground and soften the table and allow for colour and texture to be brought in by natural elements and food.  Cheese and charcuterie boards are simple to prepare and can act as a decorative centrepiece on the table.  Old wooden boards laden with an assortment of cheeses and cold meats and all the accompaniments add a festive feel as well as forming part of an indulgent winter feast.  Similarly, bowls of foods such as seasonal fruits and nuts provide a beautiful, simple form of decoration and celebration and can be left for guests to enjoy before meals are served.

Accents of silver, gold or copper bring a touch of opulence and layering cushions and cosy wool blankets on chair backs infuses the space with a luxurious and comfortable feel, perfect for special winter occasions.  A gentle mix of handmade, old and new pieces, collected slowly over time help to create unique and personal spaces.  Gathering versatile, considered items which can be used across the seasons is a good way to ensure things have longevity.


We hope this journal post will inspire simple and memorable winter gatherings in your home throughout the season.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ― Edith Sitwell
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Inspired by beautiful, tactile papers and soft palettes, our collection of photographic greetings cards celebrate our love of nature and printed stationery.  Each card is designed in our rural studio, printed on thick white textured card and paired with a luxury coloured envelope which gives a special, high quality feel.  All materials have been responsibly sourced and are FSC certified inline with our ethos for sustainability.

In an increasingly digital world we hope to encourage others to send a thoughtful message, celebrate special occasions or stay in touch with family and friends.  As they are without text, our cards can also be displayed around the home on a mantelpiece, mood board or frame.


Images above show our Poppy seed head greetings card, Snowdrop greetings card, Hydrangea cardDelphinium card and White roses card.


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Creating a home takes time, allowing spaces to evolve gradually and organically.  Whilst it can be tempting to rush the home-making process, homes crafted slowly over time, in accordance with the needs and values of the people who live within them are more likely to have longevity.  This slow approach supports the values of sustainability and preservation.  A thoughtful and unhurried approach to decorating and furnishing the home is more likely to encourage repurposing and buying less but better quality, thus having more consideration for our planet.

If we allow ourselves the time to layer our homes slowly and mindfully, and consider what we truly need, we can create spaces that reflect us and the life we want to unfold within them.  Taking time to seek out things that are considered, well made and beautiful rather than driven by trends, reduces the demand for fast, throwaway pieces and rash purchasing mistakes.  Vintage pieces are always a good choice, and are better for the environment than buying new.  They add character and help to create spaces which instantly feel lived in and comfortable.

Creating a home slowly does not mean moving slowly but rather taking time to plan, consider, iterate and refine, allowing our homes to grow and evolve with our changing needs and the rhythms of our life.  We need to savour the process as much as the results, embracing the notion that our homes will never truly be complete.  Sitting with an unfinished home requires patience and self-restraint.  It is a humble act of acceptance that all valuable things take time to unfold and that the more care invested in crafting a home, the better it will serve us.


Simplicity seems to be the best safeguard against passing trends.  The simpler a design, the more likely it is to have a timeless quality and remain classic.  We always strive to source simple, beautiful pieces for our home and store that will endure in to coming years.

Images above show our Antique Hungarian pot. Linen tea towel with charcoal stripeLinen tea towel in dove greyLinen tea towel in charcoalHandmade wooden vegetable brush, Natural dish brush with replacement headHand made stoneware soap dishHousehold clothClassic French table glassesReclaimed wooden bath boardWooden nail brush, French style tealight holderOriginal glass pickling jarPomegranate scented candle, Woven palm leaf basketRecycled wool blanket in natural check.


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