Creating a home takes time, allowing spaces to evolve gradually and organically.  Whilst it can be tempting to rush the home-making process, homes crafted slowly over time, in accordance with the needs and values of the people who live within them are more likely to have longevity.  This slow approach supports the values of sustainability and preservation.  A thoughtful and unhurried approach to decorating and furnishing the home is more likely to encourage repurposing and buying less but better quality, thus having more consideration for our planet.

If we allow ourselves the time to layer our homes slowly and mindfully, and consider what we truly need, we can create spaces that reflect us and the life we want to unfold within them.  Taking time to seek out things that are considered, well made and beautiful rather than driven by trends, reduces the demand for fast, throwaway pieces and rash purchasing mistakes.  Vintage pieces are always a good choice, and are better for the environment than buying new.  They add character and help to create spaces which instantly feel lived in and comfortable.

Creating a home slowly does not mean moving slowly but rather taking time to plan, consider and refine, allowing our homes to grow and evolve with our changing needs and the rhythms of our life.  After all the process of creating a home is a journey not a destination and is all about savouring the process as much as the results.  Sitting with an unfinished home requires patience and self-restraint.  It is a humble act of acceptance that all valuable things take time to unfold and that the more care you invest in crafting your home, the better it will serve you.


Simplicity seems to be the best safeguard against passing trends.  The simpler a design, the more likely it is to have a timeless quality and remain classic.  We always strive to source simple, beautiful pieces for our home and store that will endure in to coming years.

Images above show our Antique Hungarian pot. Linen tea towel with charcoal stripeLinen tea towel in dove greyLinen tea towel in charcoalHandmade wooden vegetable brush, Natural dish brush with replacement headHand made stoneware soap dishHousehold clothClassic French table glassesReclaimed wooden bath boardWooden nail brush, French style tealight holderOriginal glass pickling jarPomegranate scented candle, Woven palm leaf basketRecycled wool blanket in natural check.





Spring has arrived and with Easter so nearly upon us we wanted to share some simple table setting inspiration.  Taking the time to dress the table beautifully always makes a meal or gathering feel extra special and cultivates a sense of joy.  We believe in simple ideas, thoughtfully executed and usually find that less is more.

When laying a table we are always inspired by nature and the seasons.  There is so much beauty to be found around us and incorporating seasonal elements and foraged finds can elevate any table.  Branches and flowers impart both organic texture and a naturally sculptural shape to a table scape.  Potted bulbs are a simple centre piece which add spring-like freshness and small bud vases can be added along the table with a single bloom or grouped together for impact.

We like a minimal colour palette and find that soft pastels and neutral tones represent spring’s subtle hues.  The addition of linens and a mix of old, new and handmade glassware, ceramics and cutlery adds interest and warmth.  Candles in simple vessels create a beautiful and welcoming table and add ambience.  Our favourites are simple handmade candle holders and tea lights.  The end result should look informal but elegant, the perfect setting for people to gather in comfort for simple enjoyment and indulge in a slow meal.  



Our table shown here has a blend of old and new pieces collected over time including the following items from our online store: Handmade stoneware candle holder in off-whiteSet of six traditional candles, Classic French table glasses, Linen tea towel in dove grey.


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