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We believe that creating beautiful and meaningful spaces at home can nourish, uplift and enhance how we feel and function everyday and we seek to design and source considered pieces that align with this belief.  Our reclaimed bath board which is hand crafted from locally sourced, salvaged wooden boards is a favourite piece from our collection which perfectly resonates with this notion.  Uniting function, ritual and aesthetic, it offers a simple way to compose a beautiful bathroom vignette as well as a useful surface to organise bathing essentials for a slow and rejuvenating experience.  The perfect way to unwind and reset.

Surrounding ourselves with natural materials is a way to achieve a balanced and peaceful atmosphere in our home.  Not only do natural materials root us back to our senses, they exude character and warmth.  Living with wood is a way to be close to nature, it brings a tactile comfort to every day rituals and gives a home a sense of soul so often lacking in this age of mass production.  Re-using old timber, ensures our boards are sustainable and will live on, transformed in to new functional pieces.



As a way of opening a window in to our business and process, we are sharing a little behind the scenes of the story of how our unique bath boards are created…

Starting in our old wood shed at home, each piece of wood is selected and taken to our workshop next door.  Here it is measured, cut, sanded, drilled and assembled by hand with care and attention to detail. The unique nature of the wood means that every bath board is different, each with it’s own character and hand-finished quality that will endure.



Once complete the finished bath boards are taken to our studio above the workshop where they are carefully wrapped and packaged before being dispatched.  Our bath boards have been shipped all over the world alongside other pieces from our store and we like to imagine the new homes and stories unfolding around each and every one as it leaves our studio in the English countryside.



We hope you found inspiration here to create beautiful and considered spaces to enhance how you feel and to help you tell your story of home.

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