As the colder months draw in and the festive season ensues, many of us look forward to spending more time inside our homes with family and friends.  Gatherings are made memorable by the small touches that make our homes feel special and the food that we share with those that matter the most.  Simple, intentional details spread throughout the home go a long way towards fostering a beautiful and welcoming gathering.

Looking to nature for inspiration and incorporating gathered seasonal flowers and foliage provides natural colour and texture, and adds a touch of the season.  From foliage to flowers, berries to fragrant herbs, plants can be displayed in vases or pots, arranged across the table, shaped into garlands and wreaths or wrapped with twine and velvet ribbon to create simple place settings.  Subtle, natural details give an elegant, festive feel without being overbearing and can be left in place all season.  

The soft glow of candle light imbues a space with warmth and is especially atmospheric in the darker winter months.  Elegant dinner candles, scented candles with evocative wintery scents or simple pillar candles all create a calming ambience and are the mark of a truly cosy gathering.  Integrating music, perhaps a favourite playlist gently playing in the background is another small detail which engages the senses and helps to create a memorable experience.

A limited colour palette creates visual cohesion and the feeling that everything has been put together with care and consideration.  Neutral linens ground and soften the table and allow for colour and texture to be brought in by natural elements and food.  Cheese and charcuterie boards are simple to prepare and can act as a decorative centrepiece on the table.  Old wooden boards laden with an assortment of cheeses and cold meats and all the accompaniments add a festive feel as well as forming part of an indulgent winter feast.  Similarly, bowls of foods such as seasonal fruits and nuts provide a beautiful, simple form of decoration and celebration and can be left for guests to enjoy before meals are served.

Accents of silver, gold or copper bring a touch of opulence and layering cushions and cosy wool blankets on chair backs infuses the space with a luxurious and comfortable feel, perfect for special winter occasions.  A gentle mix of handmade, old and new pieces, collected slowly over time help to create unique and personal spaces.  Gathering versatile, considered items which can be used across the seasons is a good way to ensure things have longevity.


We hope this journal post will inspire simple and memorable winter gatherings in your home throughout the season.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ― Edith Sitwell
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