Winter bulbs and blooms are a simple and natural highlight of the season that make our homes feel fresher and brighter in the darker winter months.  Hyacinths, paperwhites narcissus and amaryllis are just a few examples of beautiful winter flowers which bring colour and fragrance into the home when most houseplants are slowing in growth.  Paperwhites are one of the easiest bulbs to grow inside and can be grown indoors from late autumn to early spring.  The paperwhite’s flower and leaves are stored inside the bulb ready to emerge and do not need any additional nutrients or soil.

Follow these simple steps to grow paperwhites:

  • Select a container such as a jar, tureen or bowl and fill half way with small stones or pebbles.
  • Add water to the container so it barely reaches the top of the stones.
  • Place the bulbs on top of the bed of stones with the tips facing up and add moss around the bulbs if desired.
  • Position the container in a bright, warm room and watch for growth.
  • Monitor water levels so the water is always just barely reaching the top of the pebbles.  You do not want the bulbs to sit in water as they can rot.
  • Fragrant blooms of snowy white flowers should appear within four to six weeks of planting.
  • Consider planting a new container every two to three weeks for a continuous display of blooms to enjoy all winter.

Alternatively visit local florists or green grocers for bunches of flowers or forage for dried foliage to create your own winter bouquet.  Oversized branches and twigs can also be gathered and make a great statement piece in a large container for a hall or table. Bringing nature indoors and filling corners of the home with plants and flowers of any variety is a wonderful way to add colour and life during winter time, not only contributing to the look of the room but also changing how it feels to spend time within it.  The correlation between plants and wellbeing has indeed been highlighted through scientific research time and time again.


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