The importance of home and the value it plays in how we feel and function is widely acknowledged and has been brought into greater prominence by events of recent years.  Home is one of our most personal expressions and should tell our story, nurture and enrich.  Much time is spent considering how our home looks, but how it makes us feel, both emotionally and physically, is of much greater significance.  Amongst the flurry of trends and incessant distractions of the modern world, it can be easy to lose sight of our own thoughts and ideas.  When our homes centre round values and needs, we can develop our own visual voice and create authentic spaces full of meaning and joy.


Creating a meaningful home

  • Begin by thinking about what home means to you, focussing on your values and how you want it to feel.
  • Consider how you want to live in your home and how your space can best facilitate this.
  • Design for flexibility, planning spaces that can be changed as lives and preferences evolve and consider furniture that works across various rooms.
  • Take time to look at what you already have and where necessary, edit, simplify and organise to create space and clarity.
  • Develop your personal narrative and style through visual curation; gathering images, words and objects to create a vision board as the basis for planning.
  • Look to different places for inspiration such as books, museums or the natural world, rather than relying solely on social channels and search engines.
  • Use favourite paintings, textiles or natural objects as a starting point to inform and build spaces through colour palettes, style or textures.
  • Incorporate elements of nature to help bring your home to life and connect with the outside world.
  • Appeal to the senses, considering how your home can engage each sense: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.
  • Balance old with new, reusing and buying vintage where possible, prioritising quality, sustainable materials and classic pieces that will endure.
  • Time and patience are key, plan and furnish your home slowly and mindfully letting each room evolve gradually.


With careful thought and simple changes, any home can become the foundation for a better and more meaningful life.  When homes reflect our values, how we live and want our spaces to feel, and we live alongside beautiful things we can enjoy every day, it changes everything.  If we create our homes with intention, they will have longevity and serve us, giving comfort, pleasure and sanctuary.

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