Taking time away from the hustle and bustle of the season to gather foliage, berries and seed heads from the garden and hedgerows is a wonderful way to engage with the outside world and bring nature into your home.  Decorating with natural materials does not necessarily require a great deal of effort and need not be expensive.  It can also form part of family traditions to be enjoyed each year in the run up to Christmas.

A swag is a simpler alternative to a wreath and can be displayed inside or outside to bring freshness to a door, mantel or wall during the festive season.  Follow these simple steps to make a decorative festive swag decoration for your home:

  • Gather together different types of fresh foliage foraged from the garden or hedgerows alongside any acquired Christmas tree offcuts.  
  • Trim with garden shears and layer different lengths into a loose bundle, ideally arranging longer pieces on the bottom and shorter ones on top.
  • Secure with garden twine or florists wire and finish with a decorative ribbon.
  • Add accent pieces such as pine cones, baubles or bells to embellish the swag but keep the overall appearance simple and natural.
  • To hang the swag create a hanger out of wire, twine or ribbon.
  • Hang on the front door to welcome guests or display inside to be enjoyed during the festive season and beyond.

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